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The Vahzilok enemy group has also been expanded with a wider stage range with some extra tweaks for the higher levels This story arc at the moment awards 20 deserves for completion, and a further 20 deserves for the first completion These values will be adjusted in a future replace to line up with different content material when now we have enough knowledge to calculate the typical playtime for this arc New Story Arc: The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok (Villain, Stage 30-39) A notorious and properly-admired sociopath of the Rogue Isles has put out a straight-ahead distress call by way of the Broker network, asking individuals of extremely dubious ethical structure to save lots of her neck within the title of Science.

Focus Previously Energy Focus might solely be acquired as soon as each 15 seconds, regardless of if you happen to used it or not – now you can regain it again instantly after it has been spent Cleaned up some timing issues Now shows up on the buff bar AE variations of these powers have been updated with lacking powers and to match current power results Kinetics All variations of the next powers have been transformed from previous pseudopet mechanics to new execute energy mechanics Transfusion Siphon Energy Transference Fulcrum Shift Player powers ought to discover no difference beyond quicker application Some NPC powers could develop into weaker or stronger relying on their rank Alpha Crowd Control Toronto AE versions of those powers have been updated with lacking powers and to match present power results Taunt Aura Slotting Auras with a taunt element can now be slotted with Taunt units If a power could not taunt earlier than, it nonetheless can not taunt now – this change solely impacts auras which might already taunt The following powers are affected:

Accolades All energetic fight Accolade powers now recharge in 10 minutes (down from 25 minutes), but are no longer affected by world recharge buffs – this affects the next powers: Crey CBX-9 Pistol / Stolen Immobilizer Ray Eye of the Magus / Demonic Aura Geas of the kind Ones / Power of Nature Vanguard Medal / Megalomaniac Elusive Mind Accolade powers with completely different alignment versions (e.g. Vanguard Medal / Megalomaniac) can now be activated regardless of alignment, but will pressure the other model of the facility into cooldown P2W Powers Summon Workbench Can now be summoned whilst flying (however must still target the bottom) Soar Pack / Steam Jump