Your mentality determines how much your business will benefit from social media

Let’s look at the history of social media, public relations and SEO. We have now entered a new frontier in marketing and information sharing.

Social media is not just for young people in their 20s who want to spend time on the internet. Social media is not a new phenomenon. Traditional media and business have noticed, even though they might not know how to engage effectively.

Public relations has evolved to include more social media. It has also given credence the blogosphere, which it once dismissed as “yellow journalism”. Newspapers are a dying breed, with only the best-funded, high-quality outlets remaining. It is worth taking a trip down memory lane to recall the “good old days”, when newspapers were a major source of news and current events. The blogosphere now has its own cheapest smm panel “superstars”, who act much like PR firms to protect their blogs from being contaminated by parasites and leeches that often approach them to pitch stories in the hopes of getting more attention to their cause, which is usually to sell something.

With sites like Twitter now infiltrating entertainment, sports and the general public’s consciousness more frequently than ever before, what happened three hours ago seems old news. The old guard seems to be more focused than ever trying to figure out how to save their backs. Twitter was a trend that was quickly dying. This was partly due to its inability to generate revenue. It would be extremely difficult to take down Twitter today because it is such a popular communication tool that connects people all over the world and forces them to get to their point quickly. However, Twitter is not going to stop being a free service. Even if all the predictions are true, my opinion is that there is a way to make it more profitable than charging its users. One example is that e-mail has not been able to transition into a paid service as many “experts” have predicted for many years.

We need to ask ourselves, where does all this lead? What do we do with it all once we reach there? Is this the beginning of a communications Armageddon? Is there another social network that is just around the corner? Is that another social service that will revolutionize our lives and make communication easier than our good friend Twitter? Social media sites have been a great communication medium. They’ve brought us so much in such a short time.

Take a look back at the origins of search engines, which have been around for 12-15 years. Now take a look at how intertwined they are in our everyday lives. Before search engines, what did we do? It was necessary to get to the library to do some research, starting with the card catalogue. A side note: Does a card catalogue still exist for children in schools today? In 10 to 15 years, we’ll probably be astonished and laughing at the archaic search engines. There will be a newfangled website, medium, or gadget that will make it more efficient than Google. Do you remember Excite, Dogpile or Inktomi being prominent search engines? Just like cell phones revolutionized telephone communications, then the iPhone revolutionized cell phones and cell phones, we will all benefit from something new and revolutionary in search. However, who knows what it might be?

Although media power has changed, it is not really that different when you look at the facts. People simply have changed their information consumption habits. Those who are more in tune with their audience win, while traditional and boring outlets fall behind. Black and white TVs were once considered a luxury item back in the day before color televisions arrived. Flat panel HD-TVs are now the dominant electronic’s market. This doesn’t mean that people don’t want to do the same things as they did in the past, but they are doing it differently. Businesses and outlets that are able to adapt quickly and efficiently will benefit greatly, while those who hold on to their old beliefs and mentalities will be left behind like the transistor radio and the black and white boobtube.